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Mobility Needs Assessment

Your decision to consider buying a wheelchair accessible ramp van is very important. Now you need to educate yourself and consult with the people in the business of wheelchair accessible ramp vans. The Mobility Van Store is in the business of wheelchair accessibility for life. We have experience in; product knowledge, diagnoses knowledge, funding sources, financing, and most of all “Customer Satisfaction & Appreciation.” Our customers truly are our “friends for life.”

  1. Consider the different types of conversion vans:
    • Power fold up ramp. The Amerivan by Eldorado consists of 90% of our handicap van sales division. The Power Fold Up Ramp is durable, dependable and the worlds number 1 choice in a mini-van conversion.
    • Power in-floor ramps. The in floor power ramp produced exclusively by Vantage Mobility International although aesthetically pleasing has it's disadvantages in engineering and dependability of the system.
    • Channel vans. These are generally lower priced because the van doesn’t kneel and only a channel is cut through the van. There are limitations with this type of ramp but somewhat effective for transportation companies and patients who can still ambulate.
    • Full-size vans with Wheelchair Lifting capacities of 800 lbs. Great for larger power wheelchairs like the frontier X5, Permobil C500 or the Big Bounder.
  2. Consider your mobility needs for now and the future.
    1. What is your diagnoses & prognosis? Will your condition improve or Possibly get worse in the future? Can you make transfers or would You like to stay in your wheelchair during transportation?
    2. How many other passengers will be riding with you? Will you Need room for children or grandchildren in the next few years.
  3. What is your budget so you can make the proper investment?
    1. A wheelchair accessible van you think you may be saving thousands on may become a nightmare in repairs or not the right fit.
    2. With our selection from new and used wheelchair accessible vans we can offer you the right product, price and interest rate.
    3. You may need different accessories on your van such as: EZ Locks, Transfer seat(s), Q Straints, Hand controls, Pedal Extenders, Left foot gas pedal and more… These options can be easily financed in the purchase of your new or used wheelchair accessible van.